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“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

At Gathering ’11 world leading thinkers and practitioners, from Australia and beyond, will present their insights on the big shifts we are experiencing in the world right now, and the opportunities around us to build better futures for all, together.

Futurists, trendwatchers, technologists, activists, economists, artists, social entrepreneurs, programmers, policy-makers, designers, business and community leaders will all come together at to hatch new ideas, connect with fellow collaborators, and lay down pathways to a bold new world.

With more to be confirmed, we’re very pleased to announce the following featured participants, hosts and facilitators for the very first Gathering in June 2011.

Featured Participants

Adam Bandt

Adam is a political pioneer – he’s the first Australian Greens MP to be elected to the House of Representatives in a general election.

Ash Donaldson

Addicted to exploring new ideas, proud TEDster. Founder Produxi Consulting: Designing better User Experiences.

Christine Egger

Network weaver and amplifier for far-reaching social change initiatives. Former Co-Director and Founding Team Member Social Actions.
Read more about Christine…

Dr Donnie Maclurcan

Founder and Ideas Guy at @projectaus, passionate about #postgrowth, #socent, #neweconomy, #nanotech, #steadystate, #permaculture, #FOSS


Ehon Chan

Curious thinker and do-er with passion for supporting young people who wants to change the world. Founder of YES Brisbane, News Unlimited and Creator of Soften the Fck Up. Board Member for PlanBig. Read more about Ehon

Heather Gold

Canadian comic, speaker, talk show host & self confessed geek will share insights in to connection and communication.
Read more about Heather…

Jean Russell

Curator, Thrivabilty: A Collaborative Sketch; Founder, Thrivable.net; Coach, Facilitator and Guide. Read more about Jean…

Kate Carruthers

Marketer, technologist, educator, blogger, renaissance woman and revolutionary cat. Kate will be joining us from the US via livestream video.

Kristin Alford

Futurist, technologist, communicator at Bridge8. Organiser TEDxAdelaide

Michel Bauwens

Belgian Peer-to-Peer theorist. Writer, researcher & conference speaker on the subject of technology, culture & business innovation. Founder of p2pfoundation.
Read more about Michel…

Marigo Raftopoulos

Owner and Director Strategic Games Lab working with social technologies, game dynamics, collaboration & innovation to reshape the world for the better.

Nick Allardice

Social Change Campaigner. Working for Global Poverty & Climate Change action. General Manager of the Oaktree Foundation. Co-Founder of Live Below the Line.

Pete Williams

CEO of Deloitte Digital, Pete is a social web revolutionary, helped rebuild Flowerdale after the 2009 Victorian bushfires and is #hannahsdadRead more about Pete…

Stephen Johnson

Social Enterprise Evangelist, Community Catalyst, Brand Architect. Founder Altitud3, Director Social at Community Engine

Tim Longhurst

Futurist, speaker, minimalist, activist and founder at Key MessageRead more about Tim…

Ulrike Reinhard

Ulrike is consultant, author, visionary, free spirit and passionate digital native rolled into one. Her belief in the Internet’s ability to empower people and change our lives and worlds for the better.

Venessa Miemis

Writer, digital ethnographer and messenger of the (r)evolution at Emergent by Design. Executive Director ContactconRead more about Venessa…

Surprise Participant

Hosts and Facilitators

David Hood

Optimist. Instigator. Facilitator. Explorer. Founder Doing Something Good, the Social Change Collaboratory & Gathering.

Michelle James

Creativity catalyst, facilitator and coach; emergence cultivator; CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence

Kate Ettinger

Partnership builder, ideator, pollinator, health care ethics consultant-mediator, social change architect at Mural Institute

Mykel Dixon

Singer, musician, songwriter, writer, speaker, entrepreneur and creator of the b.movement

Kristin Low

Digitalist, adventurer, polytalent, design/systems thinker & maker of beauty. KristinLow.com

Simon Taylor

Former psychology student turned full time entertainer, Simon Taylor’s
mission is to create and share engaging entertainment.


7 thoughts on “featured participants

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  3. Dear future makers, 

    As exciting as it all is, I would not suggest putting all your eggs in the IT basket.  

    Excuse me if I’m being a downer, but peak oil, peak food and global financial instability may make much on offer here seem quite dated, rather quickly in coming years and decades.  Are your solutions ‘energy descent’ ready?  

    Creative approaches and a sense of adventure are so necessary, but only some of the implicit values represented here may be relevant, and even less of the strategies.  To stay on the cutting edge you may need to re-educate and unlearn some assumptions.  Challenging but also one of the most fun and reinvigorating you can do.



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