Michelle James

Michelle James is CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence and founder of the Capitol Creativity Network – an Applied Creativity community hub in Washington, DC. Her mission is to integrate the worlds of creativity, service, meaning and commerce, and cultivate whole brain, whole-person engagement  and aliveness the workplace.

In 2008, she was recognized for Visionary Leadership in Fast Company’s blog, Leading Change, for “her commitment to bring creative expression into the work environment in a very deep and meaningful way.”  Michelle is an applied creativity consultant, facilitator and coach – with a focus on emergence – who has designed and delivered hundreds of programs for entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations such as Microsoft, GEICO, NIH, Teach for America, The World Bank, Center for Nonprofit Advancement and Kaiser Permanente among others.

Her original programs have been featured on TV, the radio and in print. An improv theater performer for over 10 years, her passion for the transformative power of improv principles and practices led her to develop Quantum Leap Business Improv. She produces and curates DC’s  Creativity in Business Conference with “Navigating the New Work Paradigm” as the theme – the next one is on 10/23/11. Michelle is an also an abstract painting artist and is a CoreSomatics Master Practitioner.



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