Kristin Alford

Futurist, technologist and communicator. Founder and Managing Director at Bridge8.

Kristin holds a PhD in process engineering and a Masters in strategic foresight which combine to deliver insights into the development of emerging industry sectors including advanced manufacturing and clean technologies. Her work explores the ‘why’ questions about the role of science and technology and their links with innovation, economic development, social change and sustainability.

She lectures in Foresight and Social Change at the University of Adelaide and has published chapters in Opportunities Beyond Carbon. Kristin is on the board of the Australian Network for Art and Technology and is a member of the Australian Government’s Expert Forum on Enabling Technologies.

Kristin is particularly interested in how we use ideas to create effective stories of the future and is the organiser of TEDxAdelaide.

TEDxCanberra: A better future with science

media140 Brisbane 2011: Dr Kristin Alford

media140 Brisbane 2011 // Closing Keynote – Dr Kristin Alford from media140 on Vimeo.


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