Gathering People


Feeling rather impish today, I was thinking about what would happen if I took three random people and put them together. Let’s try @randomdeanna, @ladyniasan, and @pritharaysircar, for example, although they don’t yet know each other.

Deanna has this thing called gigglecon, which we think of a subversive conference within a conference where you connect to people you can giggle with. Deanna wrote the book on sharing. No, really, it is called Share This. Let’s tag Deanna: women, media, politics, and nonprofits. Every time I see her, I learn, laugh, and grow.

Now, let’s add in the fabulous @ladyniasan who is likely in some outlandish costume perturbing people’s sensibilities and asking some challenging questions. Let’s tag her: digital activism, prototyping, fablab, design, art.

Next, let’s add @pritharaysircar for some spice, intellectual rigor, hard questions, and very practical utility. She is on theMAKE. Let’s tag her: economics, local community, hands on.

If you put these three women in a small room, it would be a dangerous… and likely explosive… situation with social change confetti flying everywhere (made from the shreds of thoroughly critiqued newspapers – be sure to recycle or repurpose).

So what combinations of people make change? What gathering will be explosive with action leading to impact from mindful people collaborating for a larger and better purpose? That is the experiment of Gathering11. We like being entrepreneurial about it. What happens when you take the nimble edge-rider like Venessa Miemis, mix with the practical integrator Christine Egger and swirl the whole thing with the creative emergence powers of Michelle James? Take the deep business acumen of John Hagel and stir with some gamification?

What happens when you come and join us?

Reviewing the list of people participating, I keep imagining the side conversations I might hear, the projects that might emerge, and the insights that will infect everyone with memes of the futures we are creating. I can’t wait!!! Come play and co-create with us!

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