discussion starts with connecting

We are connected. We breathe the same air; we walk the same earth; we work and play under the same sun. We text, we tweet, we comment on each others’ status updates. We traverse space and time skyping loved ones, and share masterpieces of work instantaneously across oceans.

It’s 2011, and close to five billion people are connected via mobile phone. With almost 700 million users, Facebook, if it were a country, would be the third biggest on the planet. We are connected like at no other time in history….

How is this shaping the way you communicate, and how you relate to friends, family and that client that calls after hours? How does having access help or hinder your capacity to create? Remember a time before email? When was the last time you sent a written letter by post? Is twitter a serendipity engine?

Please join the discussion in the Gathering Discussion Forum. Let’s start the conversation on how we might build better futures. Click on any of the discussion topics to add your ideas or if you’d like to pose your own question or start your own discussion thread, please feel free to do so by clicking on the “add new topic” .

Have any sites, videos, documents or other links you’d like to share? Let us know in your comments in the forum and we’ll check them out and add them to the appropriate widget on the right.

Please take this opportunity to introduce yourself to other Gathering ’11 participants (including those that will be joining us online), and let’s start exploring how we might build better futures together.

Connecting and communicating to build better futures. :)

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